Water Glass Casting

The water glass casting (also known as sodium silicate casting) process is very similar to investment casting but is particularly suited to larger castings and is more cost effective.

Water glass cast components are mainly used where heavier or stronger, more complex shapes are required. Applications of this technique are widely presented in the production of trailers, agricultural machinery and in the offshore industry. The process provides a far superior surface finish and dimensional precision to that achieved through sand casting. It also allows for more complex shapes to be achieved. In addition to steels, it is possible to cast alternative materials such as regular iron using this method.

We can offer the water glass option through our overseas partners, who have a wealth of experience in manufacturing components using this process


  • Lower cost process

  • Complex design without draft angles

  • Higher accuracy in comparison to sand casting with a superior surface finish

  • Particularly suited to larger parts

  • There are environmental advantages from using this method vs the others

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