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Our Rapid Prototyping Service

At Investacast we offer a rapid prototyping (RP) service to complement our in-house tooling facility. Rapid prototyping allows companies to turn innovative ideas into successful end products rapidly and efficiently.

The quick turnaround process has the advantage of enabling short product sample runs for testing prior to hard tooling, without significant cost. It also offers an option for time sensitive pre-production parts.

It is standard practice for product designers to test the market place and also test the product before they commit to the manufacturing process. The quality of rapid prototyping has dramatically improved in recent years, allowing the build of physical models from 3D CAD files.

Our in house wax build facility has the ability to build sacrificial wax patterns within hours of receipt of the CAD files. These wax patterns can be converted into fully functional metal castings within 10 days.

Alternatively, SLA resin Models can be built from CAD data and used as a master for soft Silicone Rubber tooling to be made. Small production runs can then be produced from this tooling.

Rapid Prototyping offers a range of benefits to the customer:

  • In tandem with our casting simulation service, RP ensures that your product is validated through the casting process, mitigating any risks when transitioning to production tooling.
  • Lead times are much shorter, typically 3-4 weeks, bringing greater efficiency
  • Product development times are accelerated as parts of the correct alloy are made available for pre-production trials.
  • Product changes are readily adaptable with no expensive tooling modification needed.
  • Our RP facility manufactures directly from your product design models
  • Effective and efficient validation of design fit and function
  • Greater design flexibility, enabling you to test multiple design options
  • Rapid conveying of your design concepts




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Thermojet Wax pattern for Impeller