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Product Development: Design To Finish

Design, Simulate and Develop

At Investacast we are proud of our record for successfully transforming our customers’ visions from ideas to finished products. Our experienced team and impressive in-house resources make us a number one choice for design engineers and supply chain managers.

The key to successful product development is communication. We will work closely with you, advising on every aspect of the project from design to the most appropriate development process to use.

Here is a summary of the product development process, outlining key stages and considerations:

Stage 1: Design

Starting from just a concept idea, an outline drawing or a mock-up model, our design team quickly provides detailed drawings and diagrams that will help you finalise your design requirements. 

During this process, the team works with you to establish the key features required for your product – from ergonomic considerations to end product functionality. By fully understanding your requirements, we can tailor your component or product to do the job it is intended for.

To ensure the design of your product fulfills these requirements, we use CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology - Solidworks™ software, which allows you to visualize the final product. Once happy, we can continue to the simulation stage.

It is imperative to get things right as designs will provide the template for all stages that follow. At this ‘front end’ of the manufacturing process, we stress the vital importance of communication to achieve successful product manufacture.

Stage 2: Simulate

Once the designs have been cleared,  we run full casting simulation with the goal of developing optimum integrity that will instill quality into the casting process.

Your CAD models are utilized to simulate casting, using software methods that mimic the actual casting process. This casting simulation negates the need for actual production trials and gives both the customer and us a high level of confidence before expensive tooling is manufactured.  

Stage 3: Develop

Once your product is designed and has undergone simulation, our technical team liaise with your design engineers to finalise the best possible design to suit the casting process.

Typically, this consultation process includes discussions on a range of points, from viability and cost-saving measures to material options and tolerance considerations. The aim of this review is to balance commercial considerations with practical aspects such as weight, strength and function. 

A single casting trial can take up to 3 weeks to achieve results. This turnaround time, if NDT is required, can be longer in projects involving more complex parts. In these cases there may be additional costs incurred if tooling modification is required.

What We Need From You

- Drawings can be received as hard copy or electronic format. Please forward any drawings or models in the following electronic formats:

  • DXF  
  • Parasolid
  • Step
  • Iges
  • Solidworks
  • Catia
  • Pro-Engineer

- Reverse engineered CAD data can be produced from physical parts, or models, on-site at Investacast’s UK facility.

- Fully dimensioned casting and machining drawings highlighting any necessary tolerances are compiled from CAD 3D model files and used for production verification of parts.

If you have any queries relating to the process, please contact us and a member of the team relevant to your inquiry will get back to you with an answer