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Investment Casting Surface Finishes

Investment Casting Surface Treatments 

There are many different post cast surface treatments that can be applied to Investment Castings. These treatments vary from simple rust protection of carbon and low alloy steels to complete corrosion enhancing polishing and chemical conversion treatments. High alloy steels are typically electro polished if situated in marine environments or pickled and passivated if sited in less aggressive environments.

Investment Casting Surface Finishes 

Investacast typically achieves a 3,2 Micron surface finish on Investment Castings. However, the cast surface finish can vary according to the alloy grade and product section size.

As cast surface finish can be altered, corrosion resistant can be enhanced and improved by undertaking various post cast finishing processes as listed below.

Investacast can provide a range of treatments which are carried out either on-site or via our approved sub contractors. More and more of our customers are benefiting from the extensive range of investment casting finishes that we have to offer.

These processes/treatments include :

  • Alochroming /Anodising
  • Electro Polishing
  • Vibro Polishing
  • Passivation
  • Clear Chemical Film Coating
  • Zinc Plating
  • Barrel Rumbling
  • Hand Polishing
  • Powder Coating
  • Electroless Nickel Coating
  • Painting

The diversity of treatments is extensive, making Investacast your “One Stop Shop” casting supplier.