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Designing Your Product

Starting with just an idea, an outline drawing or concept 3D Model, we can quickly provide detailed drawings and diagrams that will help you finalise your design requirements. 

We use the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) Technology - Solidworks™ Software, that will help ensure the design of your product meets your requirements as well as enabling you to visualise the final product.

There are some design guidelines that need to be adhered to. Please click on the buttons below to find out more about these and the rest of our development process.

For more help, view our Design Guide Page


Casting Design using CAD

At the beginning of any new project, we recommend our customers engage in comprehensive communication and design validation with us to ensure a higher success rate during manufacture. This process involves simulating your product design for “castability”. 

Your CAD Models are utilised to simulate the casting process using software methods that mimic the actual casting process. This casting simulation negates the need for actual production trials and gives both the customer and us a high level of confidence before expensive tooling is produced. 

Typically, a single casting trial can take up to 3 weeks to achieve results. More complex parts can take much longer if NDT is required, and can result in expensive tooling modification costs if changes to tooling are required. 

Our technical team will liaise with your design engineers to finalise the best possible design to suit the casting process. These discussions can take place on-site, at your premises or via video conferencing.

Drawings can be received as a hard copy or In electronic format. The following electronic file formats can be imported into our Solidworks™  Software and used for manufacture:-

DXF, Parasolid, Stp, Iges, Solidworks, Catia, Pro-Engineer and more.

Reverse engineered CAD data can be produced from physical parts or models via our on-site CMM Faro measurement machine.

Fully dimensioned toleranced casting and machining drawings will be compiled from CAD 3D model files and be used for production purposes.