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Stockholding and Warehouse Facilities

In a globalised business world supply chain management is a constant consideration, especially when parts and products are being outsourced overseas. At Investacast, we appreciate the importance of stockholding and have invested in the resources to provide for product delivery on a continuous basis.

We are one of the few foundries to offer our customers extensive stockholding and warehousing facilities in the UK, and we also have stock holding arrangements in place with our overseas partners in Asia. As a consequence, we offer our clients a comprehensive stock holding service to provide them with supply chain flexibility. 

We have a stock holding arrangements in place, both in Asia and the UK, with supply chain managers that are looking to:

  • Cope with the fluctuating demands of their customers
  • Accommodate reductions in lead times
  • Provide a cash flow solution
  • Secure temporary storage of products and components
  • Store castings in a secure controlled environment

Our warehousing space at our UK foundry, staffed by a dedicated team and fully equipped, provides convenient storage and comprehensive inspection capabilities allowing immediate ‘call off’ on products before they are dispatched to our customers.

Central to Investacast’s stock holding service is the extensive quality control system that we have in place, ensuring all goods that have been manufactured by our overseas partners are inspected and tested to rigorous standards.

Our warehouse facility has full temperature controlled CMM metrological inspection facilities to enable us to inspect the fine tolerance product that we source from Asia.

Please contact us for more information regarding our stockholding facilities and the service we offer.


Dimensional Inspection of ATEX product In The WarehouseView Larger

Dimensional Inspection of ATEX product In The Warehouse

Outsourced Multi part ATEX machined Assembled CastingsView Larger

Outsourced Multi part ATEX machined Assembled Castings