With our international client base, we are well practised in the provision of logistics, with the knowledge and the contacts to ensure a smooth journey across borders.

We understand the importance of global logistics when it comes to delivering finished products to our customers on time. Whilst we pride ourselves on the quality of our manufacturing processes, we appreciate that product quality counts for little if it is not backed up by effective logistics.

Meeting customer deadlines

The development of a global logistics infrastructure that emphasises efficiency, allows us to move products effectively from their point of origin. As a result, Investacast can meet customer deadlines and respond quickly to demands.

The hallmarks of our logistics service are:

  • Online consignment tracking software

  • Dedicated staff, in the UK, Europe and Asia to manage the logistics process.

  • Great relationships with shippers and courier services

  • State of the art 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility

We can also deliver components direct from Asia, using our Asia based Investacast team of quality control inspectors to ensure that the product meets the required standards.

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