UK Manufacturing

Investacast is a leading supplier of investment steel castings, providing design, prototyping, casting, machining and finishing services to customers throughout the world. Our centre of UK operations is a purpose-built 20,000 sq ft manufacturing facility based in Ilfracombe, Devon. It is from this site that we manage our global sourcing supply chain.

Fully machined, finished and assembled cast parts

Our UK foundry is an impressive combination of automated technology and a highly skilled workforce that is adaptable to the needs and deadlines of our clients.

We are uniquely placed in the industry, able to supply fully machined, finished and assembled cast parts across a range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloy metals. Our UK manufacture arm specialises in:

  • Fabricating low volume, complex parts

  • Creating fast-to-market prototypes

  • Producing pre-production volumes prior to outsourcing

Specialist knowledge and expertise

At Investacast we stand out from the crowd by offering unique operations and services that include:

  • Manufacturing complex ferrous and non-ferrous alloy investment castings for demanding applications

  • Designing, developing and producing pre-production batches prior to sourcing overseas

  • An in-house tool room facility allowing the rapid development of hard tooled products

  • Capacity to work with over 100 materials in processes

  • Extensive stock holding facilities

  • A complete casting, testing, machining and finishing service

  • Designing, developing and producing pre-production batches prior to volume sourcing

Key to our growth has been our open minded, flexible approach which gives us versatility and allows us to adapt easily to the demands of each project.

The Investacast team works with supply chain managers and product designers to efficiently develop products, using CAD and casting simulation software to optimise a product’s commercial and technical benefits.

For more information about Investacast, to obtain a quote or to discuss your project requirements in more detail, please get in touch using the details below.


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