Frequently Asked Questions

Is Investacast able to offer stockholding and scheduled deliveries?

Yes. We can maintain a stockholding for customers at our Devon-based premises and supply components within one to two days, or we can arrange for parts to be delivered on a scheduling basis.

Is Investacast able to offer budget prices via the far east?

Yes. Investacast provides a comprehensive outsourcing service that provides low cost options for large volume production. Investacast has a long-standing working relationship with investment casting and forging companies in China allowing us to manufacture quality products at very competitive rates. We supply numerous parts to many of our customers through this route, eliminating the risks and complexities involved of dealing with overseas suppliers. Our outsourcing service combines the benefits of low pricing from the Far East with stringent quality controls that include ISO accreditation, quality control and Quality Control Plans and thorough Inspections on product received.

Is it possible to visit Investacast to view its manufacturing process?

Yes. We are always available to give customers, new and existing, a full tour of our facility. Our tours are given by the personnel best suited to dealing with your business enquiry, so that you get the best explanations and most relevant advice available. We will also provide you with refreshments. Please contact us if you would like to set up a tour.

Does Investacast have an environmental policy?

One of the company’s main objectives is to establish itself as an environmentally friendly organisation. We are constantly exploring new initiatives for minimising waste and reducing pollution. To this end, we are developing our environmental policy to enable us to achieve ISO 14001 in the near future.

What quality accreditations are held by Investacast?

The company holds a number of quality approvals including ISO 9001, together with a number of tier one Customer approvals.

Does Investacast offer a rapid turnaround service?

Yes. Our highly skilled team has considerable expertise in rapid prototyping technologies. This means we can provide customers with high quality cast parts quickly. From CAD drawings, wax models can be produced in hours and turned into investment castings within one to two weeks, compared with the overall lead time of four to six weeks using conventional production methods.