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Cookie Information

What Are Cookies

Website cookies are tiny files that can play a very important role in todays websites. Websites are extremely complex systems that make use of a whole host of technologies. The vast majority of these technologies are "hosted" on the server, however there are a few exceptions to this, and cookies are one of them.

The most common example of websites that employ cookies are sites where you have an account and you log in - your bank, favourite shopping sites and forums all use them. In the context of logging in to websites, the cookies are responsible for keeping you logged in. You know the little box that you tick that says something like "Remember me"? By ticking that box, you are telling the website "use a cookie to remember me, so I don't need to bother typing this information in again". Rest assured that no confidential information is stored in the cookie, eveything is encrypted, anonymised and/or abstracted from the site it's being used for.

Another very common use for cookies is for tracking user stats and "analytics". Almost every site in the world relies (at least in part) on Google Analytics. Analytics help web designers to learn how people use their site, what they click on, what pages the spend time on and which pages the "leave" the site from. In order to keep track on a specific user, a completely anonymised cookie is stored on the user's computer so that as they travel around pages on a site - and between different websites - Google (and therefore the web designer) can see a user's interaction and movements. To reiterate - no personal information is stored in the cookie. You can find out more about Google Analytics cookie usage here.

How do cookies work?

When you visit a website, that site will store a tiny text file on your computer, tablet of phone. When you next visit the site, it will request your computer for the relevant files. The site is then "aware" that you have been here before and depending on the site, can tailor the experience for you - Exactly how the cookie is used depends on how the developer has designed it to be used.

As soon as you use the internet, you will be using cookies (unless you have specifically stopped them from being used). It isn't a new thing - they've been around for many years now.

Are Cookies Safe?

Cookies are not and cannot do any form of damage to your computer; they are simple text files. However, the cookies stored on your computer could be used maliciously, if you provide access to those cookies to a third party. There are ways of removing cookies from your browser and how to remove them will depend on which browser you are using.

How Can I remove Cookies from my PC?

Microsoft Internet Explorer: guide

Mozilla Firefox: guide

Google Chrome: guide

Cookies Employed by Investacast



Indicates whether the visitor has viewed and accepted the "use of cookies" message within the last year.


Indicates whether the visitor has viewed and declined the use of cookies.


Indicates whether the visitor has javascript enabled to allow to site to function correctly.

Google Analytics Cookies



Distinguishes users and sessions.


Determines new sessions/visits.


Determines if the user was in a new session/visit.


Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user reached your site.