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About Us - Company Overview

Investacast Ltd is an established manufacturer with nearly 50 years’ experience in the market place. Based in the UK with offices and engineers in China, Investacast Ltd offers a complete service for designing, developing and delivering products to the market.

We are one of the leading suppliers of investment castings in the UK, across a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Communications, Military, Oil, Gas and Electronics sectors. 

Our UK facility provides a centre of excellence for the manufacture of “Made in the UK” parts. We also have ten foundry/Metal Forming Partners located in Asia offering a complete suite of processes and providing opportunities for significant cost reductions.

Our facilities within the UK include a Research and Development centre with 3D CAD design, bespoke casting simulation and rapid prototype equipment, in-house tooling and stock-holding services.

Through our overseas partners we offer high volume manufacture covering all aspects including investment casting, forging, pressure die casting and stampings. These are further complimented by a full range of additional processes of machining, heat treatment, plating, Electro Polishing, Non Destructive Testing and DPI.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Transfer manufacturing from current source to our UK and overseas facilities
  • The conversion of fabrications into cast products
  • Converting machined from solid parts to Casting designs
  • Prototyping with quick turnaround

All UK and overseas manufacturing comes with full IS09001 accreditation, ensuring Investacast guarantees a level of product quality that is second to none. Accreditation is backed by experience, knowledge and skills to inspire customer confidence when developing critical dimensional products.

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UK warehouse Facility

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Ceramic Shell Firing

Automated Ceramic Shelling Process for investment castingsView Larger

Automated Ceramic Shelling Process